Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Orlando is home to lots of big business, with tourism chief among them. It's home to warm weather, parks, colleges, cruise ports, and all sorts of industries that keep the money flowing. Orlando had 74 million visitors in 2022.

This large base of people spending money in the city makes it a hotbed for commercial real estate. Your portfolio can shine if you have a well-managed property in the city. Marketing will be the great equalizer and help you compete with the big dogs.

Here are some creative property marketing and advertising strategies you can apply to get the most from your real estate.

Tell Stories With Social Media

More than 50% of real estate pros think that social media is the best tool for marketing properties.

Social media is helpful, but it's also noisy. Cut through this noise by taking every opportunity to tell stories and build connections. Sell them on your property and the area using your best combination of written word, visual media, audio, and authenticity.

Your property advertising will be successful when you have fun with it while also informing your visitors.

Use Pop-Up Marketing

If you want a creative way to advertise property for rent, pop-up marketing is a great option to explore. Set up a booth or space at some of the hotspots in the city to show off properties you have available for rent. Use this as a networking opportunity with other business professionals in the area.

Property management companies can work with you on this by suggesting locations and themes for the pop-up. It's a great way to generate new leads whether you're marketing a vacation property, storefront, or any other piece of real estate. Make sure to highlight and tout attributes like proximity to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Kennedy Space Enter, and other attractions.

Go Deep With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best place to advertise rental property will always be Google. Embrace search engine optimization (SEO) for your property marketing goals so that you're always able to generate new traffic. This will require an emphasis on local and mobile SEO since this will make it easier for searchers to find you.

There are plenty of business tenants looking to rent commercial property. By winning the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you're more likely to get conversions that can increase your revenue and keep your real estate portfolio profitable.

The Best Property Marketing and Advertising Tips

Property marketing and advertising are core services that you'll need when you're trying to get the most out of your real estate investment. Orlando is an excellent area for anyone interested in setting up shop. When you have the help of some commercial property management pros, you'll be able to put your heads together and come up with incredible marketing campaigns.

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